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To explore the expressive possibilities of your voice is to embark on an adventure. For over thirty years I have come to know my voice, myself and others through singing, speaking, teaching and learning. There is no instrument so immediate, powerful and uniquely human.

The human voice lives in a dance of conscious and unconscious movement. A baby is born, and with the first breath comes the first cry. We breathe, we sigh; we laugh and cry, we speak and sing—a wellspring of our thoughts and emotions. Through speaking and singing we connect with others and are present in the world.

In working with students and clients it is essential to proceed with sensitivity and respect for both their immediate goals and unspoken concerns. Your voice is an integral part of who you are and must be approached in an integrative way to produce deep and lasting results. Vocal presence cannot be separated from personal presence.

Whether you decide to explore your voice for professional, recreational or therapeutic reasons, the rewards are many and immensely satisfying.

“The voice is the mirror of the soul”


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To understand that singing is the most athletic use of the voice, and to utilize body movements  both large and small to help you release tensions that inhibit vocal expression

To introduce vocal exercises to expand your singing range, increase breath support, and improve tone quality and expression in your singing

To develop the above through songs from classical, folk,musical theater, and American classics

To gain basic information about how your voice works and how to keep it healthy



To give you specific techniques for acquiring comfort, projection, and flexibility in your speaking voice through exercises deigned to break old habits of speaking

To explore the expressive range of your speaking through vocal play - exercises designed to expand the range of music, or inflection, in your speaking.

To practice the above through prepared speeches and impromptu speaking

To gain basic information about how your voice works and how to keep it healthy

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Vocal Instruction and Vocal Coaching

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