Attic Odds and Ends

     My mother, Mary Sayward Cole, was my inspiration for putting together this Cole-Sayward Family Tree, and for writing these notes. She was a supreme chronicler of family history as seen in her self-published memoir pieces - “The Bridge of Remembrance” and the collection of her poems, memoirs and short stories “A Moment Stilled.” In both cases she showed a lively imagination in re-creating family history. Among her many ring-binders of writing, was one entitled Notes on Family History. It was clear she intended to write another memoir about the Sayward-Robbins side of the family entitled “From Whence We Came.” It was to be illustrated with relevant pictures which she carefully documented on slides. My sister Diana and I converted the best of her many slides onto CD’s allowing me to put together the family tree. My husband Rodger was immensely helpful in cropping and cleaning up several images, using the french curve drafting tool, and photographing the final chart.

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