This page is designed to introduce my friends to one of the many of the artistic endeavors I have enjoyed over the last few years –the making of personal mandalas. Mandalas are circular designs abundant in nature, spiritual traditions, and the decorative arts. They are a sacred part of Tibetan, Christian and Native American cultures where they serve as a source of meditation and healing. For me it all started when my friend Susann Cook-Greuter made a personal mandala for me. Taking themes from my life – my favorite music, my interests and work life, etc., she created a very intricate mandala using her skills in Swiss paper cutting and collage.

I began by coloring templates from the many mandala books that are available today. Then I started designing my own mandalas. I found colored pencils were the most satisfactory medium because they are very portable and are not messy. The absorption of working on a mandala is one of the most enjoyable and centering activities I know. Click on the link above to see some of the designs I have created in the last 15 years.




In the spring of 2006 Diana’s friend Mark showed up with a large brown paper cut-out of his grand daughter Katlyne  It was traced to size, and colorfully painted in bright pink and blue, with bright yellow hair. Mark kept it folded in an envelope and took “Flat Kat” all over New England to historical landmarks and to visit friends and relations. He documented with photographs, which he sent back to Katlyne as a record of Flat Kat’s adventures on the East coast.

I decided that Flat Kat needed a companion in her travels, so I consulted with Ruby, our grey and white tiger cat. To trace the outline of a cat was impossible, so I took her most lively photograph and enlarged it to size. Ruby decided she wanted “Flat Cat” to be more colorful and chose blue and green, keeping her white vest, boots and mittens. She insisted on a ruby pendant and single earring. I added the polka dot tail warmer.

Flat Cat Ruby and Flat Kat Katlyne first met in Virginia where they went to Toby and Dani’s wedding, and toured the Washington Mall. Click on the link above to view the travels of Flat Cat Ruby.

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